Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fun, and a new "baby"

This is the third try at putting pictures into the text I had saved.

After a lot of shopping (looking and talking,no demo's), I have found a machine that fits both my budget, and what I want a machine to do.

My new Brother NX400, sitting snugly in my sewing cabinet.

As well as what I knew I wanted, it has some things that are very handy....especially with kids around.

It doesn't need a foot pedal!! There is a brightly lit button, push to go, push to stop, a thread cutter, variable speed and LOADS of decorative stitches. It also has a knee lift which doesn't fit into my cabinet space

Best of all though, it *beeps* if something is wrong. Remains to be seen if it beeps when the bobbin is empty. (it doesn't)

Dear Husband (he who said I could get this lovely new machine)also bought me a new rotary cutter, the Olfa "Calanth Plum". It's supposed to be a limited edition, but I like it because it is purple.

Lastly, I have sewed!!!

It's the beginning of a Halloween/Spooky quilt for DS 11.

An asterisk from a tutorial at

Tonya does a lot of freehand piecing, and her tutorials are very easy to follow, and have loads of pictures too.

It WAS supposed to turn into a spider, but I mucked it up after taking this picture

Added to the original post

I managed to bend the Needle Arm Mechanism on my new machine.

I now have a loan of a Brother NX600 from the store, it's the next model up from mine.

...and stay tuned, there is one more "new arrival" coming to the Studio soon....

A husband who goes above and beyond to make my dreams come true.
A Studio of my own
Lots of time to sew

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hoist the Jolly Roger......

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

...yo, ho, ho, and a cup of cappucino. LOL.

Seriously, it was a good day to meet up with the in-laws and have them see how active my three of my younger four children have become.

Lots of running and climbing at a near-to-home mid-week market. We had a browse, but apart from the Hub buying a computer game, we didn't buy anything.

Am on the hunt for a new sewing machine!! Again,the Hub went above and beyond and came up with money for the purchase.

Now all I have to do is fond one that is within the budget range.

...........oh, I started another stitchery project..."Journey of a Quilter" by Leeanne Beasley. Will show the first block when I am done. getting good at this

a husband who managed to get funds for a new sewing machine
in-laws who can see that my kids are "full-on"
large play areas within easy distance of home
finally getting the cutting and sewing areas set up in the studio

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Echoes, kitty racing and bad days

The best laid floors for humans and kitties have been completed.

Rooms echo with cleanliness, no carpet to muffle the joyous skittering.

Cats who used to play chasey with each other are now losing control and hitting the, click, click...THUMP.

Nothing annoys a cat more that their Humans laughing when the ignoble crash happens,and it does happen, frequently.

We can now call the dogs and hear them coming. Pedicures all around I think.

Today has also been a bad day. There are statistics that tell you how much debt is incurred per capita in Australia. Apart from the mortgage, we are debt free.

Dear Husband thought it might be nice to add a little something to the pristine Studio...NOW!!

Despite his best efforts, he wasn't able to finance........a Domestic Quilting System. Seems we are not suitable fodder for even the leanest of high-interest-loan type companies to bite.

On the up side, I suppose, is the fact that we don't have the debt........but it would be wonderful to have a new quilt or three about thta I did, from fabric selection to binding and label......

in that vein......


a husband that TRIED to get my machine sooner rather than later
new floors, and cats for our amusement
none of said cats hurt...apart from feline pride
friends who helped clear the Studio
being able to send the occasional quilt our for professional Long Arm Quilting

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day of Destruction


The day before the floor goes in. Also the day that DH is pulling the OLD carpet and underlay up.

Went to the local hardware store, there should be a special word for the size of these buildings, the official name is a Warehouse, but "The Hardware Block" springs to mind. .

Was told I didn't *need* a crowbar, a pinch bar was I got it, and wandered off to look as the clearance rack. Found an ailing pink African Violet. I have a fe of these on my kitchen windowsill, so it will have company.

I have a *thing* for waifs, strays and clearance goods, whether plants or animals.

Also visited with a couple of friends who meet on Thursdays. We went looking for a new patchwork shop that we had heard about, but didn't find it, so went to an established shop nearby.

I was good, and only bought a skein of hand dyed floss, have a project in mind for the Studio.

Was so pleased that I didn't buy more fabric, but I did help the girls choose some pieces for their on-going projects.

...and now for something completely different......


friends to shop with
a husband that doesn't mind me shopping
space for "me" to be creative
children who think of this chaos as just another adventure
other bloggers who encourage me

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New blog, new place

After two years of talking about it, we are finally getting a laminate floor through the house.

Well, through the house, but not bedrooms. Wih 10 children, 9 at home, we need something tougher than carpet. LOTS easier to clean too.

So, this is my optimist blog. The one where all the good things happen in my improved sewing room, no to be known as the Studio.

I say improved because presently, it's a mess. Having to clear EVERYTHING out gives me a chance to start again.

I am only putting back what I love, the rest is destined for ebay, give away or garbage. My aim is to get enough "me money" to buy a second hand short arm machine set-up

There. I have put my goal up in public.

Now all I have to do is work like blazes to achieve it.

Try not to buy any more fabric. A lot of what I have has ben bought over the last fifteen years I don't love any more. The rest is just too much, it give me an anxiety attack over thinking about it.

I have a bunch of blocks from when bus-boy was born........he's 15 in a week or so.

So, without further ado, I am going back to the cull.