Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day of Destruction


The day before the floor goes in. Also the day that DH is pulling the OLD carpet and underlay up.

Went to the local hardware store, there should be a special word for the size of these buildings, the official name is a Warehouse, but "The Hardware Block" springs to mind. .

Was told I didn't *need* a crowbar, a pinch bar was I got it, and wandered off to look as the clearance rack. Found an ailing pink African Violet. I have a fe of these on my kitchen windowsill, so it will have company.

I have a *thing* for waifs, strays and clearance goods, whether plants or animals.

Also visited with a couple of friends who meet on Thursdays. We went looking for a new patchwork shop that we had heard about, but didn't find it, so went to an established shop nearby.

I was good, and only bought a skein of hand dyed floss, have a project in mind for the Studio.

Was so pleased that I didn't buy more fabric, but I did help the girls choose some pieces for their on-going projects.

...and now for something completely different......


friends to shop with
a husband that doesn't mind me shopping
space for "me" to be creative
children who think of this chaos as just another adventure
other bloggers who encourage me

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