Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fun, and a new "baby"

This is the third try at putting pictures into the text I had saved.

After a lot of shopping (looking and talking,no demo's), I have found a machine that fits both my budget, and what I want a machine to do.

My new Brother NX400, sitting snugly in my sewing cabinet.

As well as what I knew I wanted, it has some things that are very handy....especially with kids around.

It doesn't need a foot pedal!! There is a brightly lit button, push to go, push to stop, a thread cutter, variable speed and LOADS of decorative stitches. It also has a knee lift which doesn't fit into my cabinet space

Best of all though, it *beeps* if something is wrong. Remains to be seen if it beeps when the bobbin is empty. (it doesn't)

Dear Husband (he who said I could get this lovely new machine)also bought me a new rotary cutter, the Olfa "Calanth Plum". It's supposed to be a limited edition, but I like it because it is purple.

Lastly, I have sewed!!!

It's the beginning of a Halloween/Spooky quilt for DS 11.

An asterisk from a tutorial at

Tonya does a lot of freehand piecing, and her tutorials are very easy to follow, and have loads of pictures too.

It WAS supposed to turn into a spider, but I mucked it up after taking this picture

Added to the original post

I managed to bend the Needle Arm Mechanism on my new machine.

I now have a loan of a Brother NX600 from the store, it's the next model up from mine.

...and stay tuned, there is one more "new arrival" coming to the Studio soon....

A husband who goes above and beyond to make my dreams come true.
A Studio of my own
Lots of time to sew

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atet said...

Hehehe -- I have your machine's little brother/sister. I love it! The no foot pedal thing is amazingly useful and I'm still amazed at the number of the "specialty" stitches I've been using over the past two years!