Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Houston.........we have a problem

Dear Moving Company informed the DH (this afternoon, and by SMS) that the Gammill will not be here until tomorrow afternoon!!

I am on medication, but even I can has been more that 2 (4!!) days since my lovely Ethel left Sydney, bound for Melbourne

Sent said company a polite email, but no response.

So......tomorrow is supposed to be "Mums in Stitches"....we grew out of a mom's support group of's cancelled, the one who's turn it was to host had life get in the way of patchwork :>(...will be grocery chopping in the morning, and machine waiting in the afternoon other news......

I spent $11 on 'things' to give to my Trick or Treat guests.....6 turned up!!....but they WERE cute, and I have put the non-lollie portion away for next year.

had pictures of the 'bounty' to show, along with my shelf of Hallwoeen Goodness, but the camera batteries are not co-operating.

The $2 shop did roaring trade, I bought one of most everything they had.......unlike the US, there wasn't a lot. Likewise, I went to three different stores to get a witch-y hat and a head band for DD's.

lastly, I was going to show handpieced achievements, but again with the I leave you with...


tolerant neighbours
children on a real sugar high
searching for Hallowen decorations
being able to find some of my handwork
only complaining once (to the moving company)about my overdue machine

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ethel (not Elvis) has left the building..

Houston, we have liftoff....

My new Quiting Machine is on the way.

I am calling her Ethel.

She left Sydney at 3 p.m. today, and will arrive at Studio Christine sometime Monday.

Evidently, a lot of owners name their machines.

Sometimes they even use that name in regular conversations.

I have no clue why I am calling her Ethel, it is just an old name, and seeing as I am buying her "used" I thought it fits.

The quilt isn't mine, this was the picture I saw when I decided I *needed* a quilting machine.

And, after a lot of budgeting, foofing about and applications, I will have one Monday!

The Studio looks like a bowling alley. A BIG piece of clean floor in the centre, and stuff banked up on both sides.

The camera couldn't cope with taking a picture of nothing between me and the windows...sorry, you will have to take my word for it.

The fun jigsaw-y part comes when I have to put everything away, and learn to quilt....


having a room to clear
the internet, for FAST communication
a way of finishing all my quilt tops
an opportunity to learn a new skill,
and a friend to teach me said skill

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What does it look like?

The Studio that is...........

The room is 4.6 x 6.01 metres, or about 12 x 20 feet.

Should be loads of room for all my quilting fabric and stuff right??

Umm....not quite

This is the view behind me, if I turn around and try to look out of my windows. All you can really see is the sewing cabinet and the cutting table (under the pile of stuff) If you look hard at the picture, you may make out my bird on the middle left side

Next picture is the view to my left, shelves groaning under goodness-knows-what. A lot of random boxes and crates have been stacked on the shelves, my Lee Middleton dolls too. The 'plan' was to sort through one box or tub a week and get the job done slowly but they say, the best laid plans etc....

The last picture is my current view, resident BIG white cat included. Charlie belonged to my quilting friend H. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she asked me to take Charlie. H has since passed, but its nice to have such a tangible reminder of her. And its ncie to think that H thought I was worthy of looking after him. cat.


I have a Short Arm Gammill Quilting Machine and table (3.7metres/12 odd feet) arriving in the next few weeks. Have to fit that into this space.

Have a sort-of plan for then......take all the easily moved "stuff" OUT of the room, put big table etc. IN, and fit all the other things AROUND it.

In the mean time......


Space to create in

Being able to show my room to everyone

Having all of this stuff, in abundance

There are doors on this room, so I can close it from the rest of the neat-ish house

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In porgress news...

the top shown in the last post is half quilted and the binding is machined on, waiting for hand stitching

Unfortunately, I bent the needle arm on my new machine, and have a loaner.

I will finish the quilting on my hanging when my machine is back home, don't want to risk the loaner machine with my free-motion.

..........or I will take it all apart, and re-do it on my longarm..........

and I do have one kid out of 10 who likes Halloween. T is waiting on a BIG Halloween quilt for his bed year-round.

His only requests are that he wants a "cool" quilt, just like Tonyas, and could he please have it before he turns 15......

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween, what's NOT to like

This is my oldest Halloween related UFO.

It dates to sometime in 2001. The two colors of the trick-or-treat fabrics were the only two real Halloween fabrics I could find.

The orange cats and bats fabric was taken from my cat fabric stash, the blue allover pumpkins are from a chain store, plump orange pumpkins are blanket stitch applique. And the pattern was (I think) from American BH&G.

Look what I found in the $2 store!! They had this pumpkin head guy, a witch and (I think) a Frankenstein-type monster. Will go back later this week, and maybe get the others.

Have to take what I can get, Australia isn't too much into Halloween, but I LOVE it, then again, I like Thanksgiving and 4th July too (don't ask about the few US patriotic fabrics I have squirreled away, LOL)


Having fun in the $2 with purse change.
Old quilting pieces that are still loved
Finishing something
having kids who roll their eyes, that mom is 'doing' Hallowen

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

House keeping

I have NO idea what happened, but for some reason, only my first post allowed comments.

Hopefully (thanks tonya) things are OK now.

I did edit the previous posts to allow comments, we will see what happens.

"Normal" blogging activity should resume shortly.