Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Houston.........we have a problem

Dear Moving Company informed the DH (this afternoon, and by SMS) that the Gammill will not be here until tomorrow afternoon!!

I am on medication, but even I can has been more that 2 (4!!) days since my lovely Ethel left Sydney, bound for Melbourne

Sent said company a polite email, but no response.

So......tomorrow is supposed to be "Mums in Stitches"....we grew out of a mom's support group of's cancelled, the one who's turn it was to host had life get in the way of patchwork :>(...will be grocery chopping in the morning, and machine waiting in the afternoon other news......

I spent $11 on 'things' to give to my Trick or Treat guests.....6 turned up!!....but they WERE cute, and I have put the non-lollie portion away for next year.

had pictures of the 'bounty' to show, along with my shelf of Hallwoeen Goodness, but the camera batteries are not co-operating.

The $2 shop did roaring trade, I bought one of most everything they had.......unlike the US, there wasn't a lot. Likewise, I went to three different stores to get a witch-y hat and a head band for DD's.

lastly, I was going to show handpieced achievements, but again with the I leave you with...


tolerant neighbours
children on a real sugar high
searching for Hallowen decorations
being able to find some of my handwork
only complaining once (to the moving company)about my overdue machine

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