Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What does it look like?

The Studio that is...........

The room is 4.6 x 6.01 metres, or about 12 x 20 feet.

Should be loads of room for all my quilting fabric and stuff right??

Umm....not quite

This is the view behind me, if I turn around and try to look out of my windows. All you can really see is the sewing cabinet and the cutting table (under the pile of stuff) If you look hard at the picture, you may make out my bird on the middle left side

Next picture is the view to my left, shelves groaning under goodness-knows-what. A lot of random boxes and crates have been stacked on the shelves, my Lee Middleton dolls too. The 'plan' was to sort through one box or tub a week and get the job done slowly but they say, the best laid plans etc....

The last picture is my current view, resident BIG white cat included. Charlie belonged to my quilting friend H. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she asked me to take Charlie. H has since passed, but its nice to have such a tangible reminder of her. And its ncie to think that H thought I was worthy of looking after him. cat.


I have a Short Arm Gammill Quilting Machine and table (3.7metres/12 odd feet) arriving in the next few weeks. Have to fit that into this space.

Have a sort-of plan for then......take all the easily moved "stuff" OUT of the room, put big table etc. IN, and fit all the other things AROUND it.

In the mean time......


Space to create in

Being able to show my room to everyone

Having all of this stuff, in abundance

There are doors on this room, so I can close it from the rest of the neat-ish house


Jeanne said...

You are a brave gal to show your room! Looks like you have all of the things needed to create, including a cat.

Monkee Maker said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm glad you like my monkees :)

And wow!! What a studio! And you're right, there sure is a lot of stuff there! Happy sewing ;)

Julie said...

A woman after my own heart! :o) I think creative materials spread to fill the available space -however big that space is. As fast as I organise my space it all creeps back into chaos behind me. lol

Sharon said...

My hubby always says that any flat surface in my stewdio needs to be put at an angle so stuff will slide off LOL! I sold my cutting table because it just became a collector not a cutting space. Once I did that, it seemed to make things a bit easier to put away or stack in ONE place to be put away later. Looks like a creative person lives here!

katelnorth said...

Hi Studio Christine :) you should come to my blog and check out the entry from Monday - you'll be glad (I hope) that you did!