Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Just a quick not to wish everyone (well, everyone who celebrates this day)

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 19, 2007

hello, testing, testing....1.....2.....3....

Well, so much for LAST Sunday.

For some reason, I feel like I've been spinning my wheels, doing nothing important (read blog worthy).

Well, unless you count tidying the house, sorting a GAZILLION things, and finding clothes that actually fit the youngest two girls.

I have finally culled clothes that dont fit DD's #6 and #5.

They are in size 1 and 2 now and I still had 00 and 000 things in their baskets.....
Everything's been sorted, DD #5 is 'short' quite a few size 2's....will have to dig in DD #4's tub and sort her clothes out now too.

and YES, I use baskets for the 3 youngest girls, far less fuss about putting things away neatly, as long as it's IN the basket, it's away

Now, onto the good stuff.....PICTURES

This is my booty from
I won one of the prizes in her blog giveaway. It's a Monkee Sock, and supposed to be a bottle type holder 'thing', but I put mine to use as a fish food cover.
*note* chocolates didn't last very long at all......

More lovely bloggy give-away gifties...
Kate at made these inchies inch square pieces of art.I love that they are Halloween type colors.

For now they are on the card they were sent in, but I have plans to frame them for next year.

Also, but not pictured, Jeanne sent me cute Halloween socks, they are orange with spiders on them

Was going to post a new picture of Ethel too, but the camera pics weren't flattering at all. She doesn't look as good 'solo' as she does mid quilt.

.....and no, I haven't forgottten......


Dh, for putting up with the madness that is our family
children who outgrow clothes...and pass them on
a noisy means healthy children
being able to blog, however infrequently
friends...who's blogs I read and thoroughly enjoy

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

a brief word from the wilderness.....

Ethel arrived at 7.30 p.m. last Friday night.

I sucessfully quilted my first quilt on Saturday, it is bound and I'm taking it to guild tonight.

Putting the Studio back to "right" is taking longer than I thought it would.


I will try to be wordy and wise (and picture intense) on Sunday.

Saturday, DH is off to a miniature games tourny, I will be wrangling children...not conductive to blogging!

....and I am debating the pros and cons of registering as a business....


the Short Arm works well
it actually fist well into the Studio
children are "helping"
friends with practise tops