Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Australia

Getting to be a habit, this blogging with no pictures.

Just wanted to wish any and all readers the Merriest of Christmasses.

....my studio is actually decorated.....or as miss 19 put it...... "Santa BARFED in here"

I promise to post pictures soon,today I am just going to be woken up in about 5and a half hours, start lunch 5 and a half hours after that, and maybe get some sewing in if I am lucky.

....at least that is the plan!!

....oh-oh, I forgot to make the trifle.......

no bed for me yet!!


have some Christmas Spirit
persents are DONE
lunch organised
children (mostly) sleeping
rare quiet time with DH


Caroline in NH said...

Have the magazines arrived yet?

rosefanatic said...

Hi Christine, Thank you for making me smile. I think you are very brave for starting a Dear Jane quilt.I love the quilt but am chicken to begin such a awsome project. Although, perhaps if I started now it would get done before I croak. Or maybe not. I'm not very organized. Also...cameras and kids and anniversary presents. First *nice* digital camera kids broke. Next year new camera hubby dropped. Next year, new camera, Hands Off. As I see it, I am cheated out of two anniversary pesents. Hummm. Hugs, Terri from Oregon and I spy board.