Monday, December 31, 2007

Out with the with the new (Year)

I am opening with some pictures for a change!!

My REALLY small Santa Collection, I add a piece or two each year. Santa han't been about much (in small scale) this year

My new Christmas tree. The small grey bum in the lower left corner is my Chinese Crested dog, he pushes the quilt away to lay on the floor.

I'm using a Christmas Nine patch quilt
on the floor, in lieu of a tree skirt.

My collection of Lee Middleton dolls, and a Baby Chrissie peeping in at the back

I dug this UFO out, I have to applique the edges to the borders, and put it into the quilting queue. It isn't an easy task, I hve baasted the seam allowances so I can turn them under

Ethel, wearing her miiature tree. She and I are haveing tension issues, her timing needs to be re-set, and I need someone to talk Hubby through it, so he can show me. I DO NOT like telephones, unless I know who is calling, I don't answer.

I have been reading on some blogs, that the end of the year is a time to reflect.

On the whole, I didn't like a lot about 2007, but I will be sad to see it go. Mainly because I don't know what 2008 will bring.

It has become almost a tradition that tomorrow, I will be re-jigging the budget, and making ends meet where they may not be so close now.

I will be tallying what we have spent this year, and see if my money management balances out, re-aligning the categories we use to allot our money each fortnight.

Haven't done so well on the Ebay front, so I think that I will be re-assessing that too.

What has worked out is the IDEA that we need to put money aside for different things.

On the personal front, I am still not happy with my doctor, or my medication, will have to see to that in the New Year.

We had an OK Christmas, and the kids were happy. I still have to return my new pyjamas, they are too small!!

I usually don't make resolutions, they never seem to last, but I would like to address my weight, and my stash.

Also, I think I will just shred the old bills etc that are over 2 years old, unless they are VERY important. That will free up a ton of space around the computer and in the shelves

And one of the neighbours is letting off fireworks, nearly 30 minutes too early.

No Gratitudes this post, but I will be back and let you all know how things work out after tomorrow.

.....oh, and I almost forgot, Miss 19 dyed my hair for Christmas. Bright Purple.

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Caroline in NH said...

Would *love* to see the purple hair! LOL! And I love your UFO! It does sound like a pain to have to applique the border, but I adore the design and the colors. Do you know where the pattern came from?