Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Mummy/Bad Mummy....and perceptions

Funny how I can be one thing to one daughter and the opposite to another.

Miss 3 inherited a pair of "My Little Pony" boxer shorts. Unfortunately, she is on the lean side, and the shorts elastic had stretched. Big sister tried to throw them out because they were "No good for you any more, put them in the bin."

Dear miss 3 got dressed today and refused to be without the boxers. I told her I would try to fix them.....after I had eaten breakfast and finished my coffee.

She asked me at LEAST 20 times if I was finished. In the end, I got the roll of elastic out, measured her waist and unpicked a little of the waistband to put new elastic in.

I didn't take the old elastic out, it was well sewn in. I just ran the new elastic in, using a safety pin to pull it through. It took me two tries to get the elastic the right length...miss 3 IS lean.

Sew up the waist band again, and I get "I LUFF you mummy!"

Next is miss ten. She is also lean....and TALL. "I need a new school dress"


"Cos I got this one last year...." I am not going to spend $40 on a new dress, I am letting the hem down.

"I HATE you, you NEVER buy me new things, I'm the ONLY one in school who won't have a new dress....."

........did I mention she is ONLY 10?

I freely admit that I repair my kid's clothes when I can. I replace buttons, darn holes, replace elastic, and take hems up or down. Simple stuff.

But, I have been asked if I am in dire circumstances, if I HAVE to do these things.

Many years ago, (miss 19 was about 2 and a half), she outgrew her favourite overalls, and she cried for ages. I put flowery fabric cuffs on the bottom, lengthened the straps (with dark elastic) and re-covered the denim pocket with the cuff fabric.

A few days later, I received 2 bags of clothes from an aquaintance. She didn't realise that we were "so short of money, that I had to alter the overalls"

She didn't 'get' it. The implication was that I did it out of necessity, not just to please my daughter

Now days, I regularly bundle up the "still good" clothes my kids outgrow and either pass them on to other mums I know, or give them to a Charity.

which reminds me.........miss 3's fairy dress needs fixing will have to go to large chain store and buy some tulle.....the stuff it was made from tore VERY quickly. (I actually wouldn't bother, but she got it with her fairy wings, and EVERYONE CAN'T be a fairy with wings and no skirt!!) LOL


knowing how to repair small "emergencies"
knowing that miss 10 will "hate" me a lot more in the coming years
also knowing that I am NOT the only mother who says "NO"!
loving all my kids, no matter what they say (or do)
if this is as bad as it gets?? I'm doing OK!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

motivation...and looking for fabric

I'm back to the land of blog.

and I'm feeling a little better.

the meds situation hasn't changed, but I have found a quilt I WANT to make.

......actually, it is for Paul (my husband).

I don't remember if I said, but we were married on February 29th, 2000.

so, this year is our second "official" anniversary.

Anyways, this is the quilt

and this is the focus fabric (ignore the fact that I don't have any "go with" Japanese fabric)

It is an Alexander Henry print, the name is "Miss Butterfly"

It comes on a pink, white or black background, just to make things REALLY difficult, I want the white one.

Paul is a fan of Anime comics anything Japanese.

Before he met me (nearly 9 years ago now), he wanted to tour Japan, and possibly teach English. HE even learnded Japanese for a couple of years.

Anyways....I NEED (the pattern says) 1.5 metres....that is somewhere near one and three quarter yards.

In my dreams, I would like 2 metres, or 2 and one ninth? math sucks!!

I have found ONE source, but they want AU $15.99 for a HALF yard.

Can paypal or barter.

Paul does SO much for me each and every day, it would be nice to surprise him with a quilt.

.....and school will be back, and I will have some time that he can actually leave me.

Childrens nap time permitting!! LOL

Will get around not having Japanese fabrics by using strips of I spy fabrics (I have a LOT of them)

This will be a sneak quilt........even if I hve to use my Brother 400 to quilt it instead of Ethel.

.....bit hard to pop a project box and the 12 foot table into the bus to go to quilting group....


my husband
his willingness to give up his hobbies (and time) to look after me
school holidays are nearly over!!
Miss 19 has a FULL TIME job
all my friends on the internet

Monday, January 14, 2008


It is the 14th of January, 2008

I don't feel like this year is much different from the last.

I do, however, plan to make some changes.

Buy the minimum possible fabric....the background for my Baby Jane being an exception. I also bought 100 fat sixteenths, so I am set for a goodly while there, and I do have a box of Civil War Repro's besides.

I am slowly knitting a shawl, these balls of wool are few and far between

I have no new needles for Ethel, but that is all right. I have neither the funds for needles, backing and batting, nor the expertise to right the problem and quilt.

I look around my Studio, and it doesn't make me feel Happy, or inspired, or content.

It is full of 'stuff'.....that I don't NEED or WANT. I have the urge sometimes to take it all into the yard and burn it.

But I cannot DO that. There is too much money invested in the shelves for that.

In magazines alone, I had 80 duplicates, or ones I no longer wanted, and half again of bear and doll magazines

I tried an Ebay store, just for scrap bags and bundles of magazines, but didn't sell a thing,

I have begun a mystery quilt, I indulged, and bought 6, 10 cm cuts of fabric to add spice, the rest is off the shelf.

Scary, that I can pull upwars of 9 yards of fabric without making a dent.

I had thought about opening a little internet business, but the paperwork, and accountability stopped me, well, that and the realisation that it takes persistance and money to be sucessful

For the moment, I am going to try to get up each day and not want to go straight back to bed.

For the moment it looks like the mental illness is winning.

So I will read other blogs when I am able, and perhaps comment, in the mean time, Studio Christine is on Hiatus