Thursday, January 24, 2008

motivation...and looking for fabric

I'm back to the land of blog.

and I'm feeling a little better.

the meds situation hasn't changed, but I have found a quilt I WANT to make.

......actually, it is for Paul (my husband).

I don't remember if I said, but we were married on February 29th, 2000.

so, this year is our second "official" anniversary.

Anyways, this is the quilt

and this is the focus fabric (ignore the fact that I don't have any "go with" Japanese fabric)

It is an Alexander Henry print, the name is "Miss Butterfly"

It comes on a pink, white or black background, just to make things REALLY difficult, I want the white one.

Paul is a fan of Anime comics anything Japanese.

Before he met me (nearly 9 years ago now), he wanted to tour Japan, and possibly teach English. HE even learnded Japanese for a couple of years.

Anyways....I NEED (the pattern says) 1.5 metres....that is somewhere near one and three quarter yards.

In my dreams, I would like 2 metres, or 2 and one ninth? math sucks!!

I have found ONE source, but they want AU $15.99 for a HALF yard.

Can paypal or barter.

Paul does SO much for me each and every day, it would be nice to surprise him with a quilt.

.....and school will be back, and I will have some time that he can actually leave me.

Childrens nap time permitting!! LOL

Will get around not having Japanese fabrics by using strips of I spy fabrics (I have a LOT of them)

This will be a sneak quilt........even if I hve to use my Brother 400 to quilt it instead of Ethel.

.....bit hard to pop a project box and the 12 foot table into the bus to go to quilting group....


my husband
his willingness to give up his hobbies (and time) to look after me
school holidays are nearly over!!
Miss 19 has a FULL TIME job
all my friends on the internet

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Kucki68 said...

I am glad you are back and found a quilt you love. Couldn't look at it from work, but the fabric is very beautiful. Sorry, I can not help with it, quilt fabric is likely even more expensive here in Germany.