Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary Paul

"This is the man that I plan to entangle
Isn't he fine? "
....with thanks to the "Once More With Feeling" soundtrack (Buffy and Josh Wheedon)
Well, eight years ago today (February 29, if blogger isn't on GMT +10) we DID get married
So, we are celebrating our official 2nd Anniversary. I think it is supposed to be paper.
Appropriate then, that todays mail contained a Mortgage Statement.
Oh yeah, 3 children also had a "free" day from school, so there were 7 of them at home for most of the day.
MIL called to say "Congratulations", and that was about it.
No $$ for a celebration or presents......but we do have dinner (meatballs and pasta) on the menu
we HAVE a mortgage
bills are (mostly) paid this week
Master 11 made us a card....brickwork with a bat on it
DH is REALLY a dear husband
my missing blocks for the applique quilt came today!

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