Tuesday, February 26, 2008

lots to catch up on


My Secret Santa parcel arrived! It was posted in Canada on the 27th of November last year!!

It arrived last Friday. Lots of good things, and I love the bag "Do not disturb, Quilting in progress" There were even two cat FQ's that I didn't already have. And a little bundle of Olvia the Pig Christmas fabrics...too cute


This past weekend was the Berwick Show. It's basically an ag show, but since Berwick is now an outer suburb of Melbourne, it is really a lot like any other big show. Rides, sideshow alley and NOISE....oh, and CROWDS.

I went!!! I put a quilt in the handcraft competition, and wanted to see if it won a ribbon (I had a quilt come third two years ago)

Definately NOT worth the anxiety. I don't "do" crowds at the best of times, but this was awful. Not only did my quilt not win a prize, it was rolled up into a very small space, and couldn't be seen properly!!

And it IS hanging straight, the bookshelf it's hanging across is making it hang stupid!

Last but NOT least, Libby is having a contest.

She wants to see our ironing boards....so here's mine....ummm, it's REALLY not that old, but managed to get scorched and stuff already.

I do use baking paper when I use vliesofix, so the only other excuse is that one of the kids must have done it..... :>(


I have actual picture content
DH is willing to take me just about anywhere.....and put up with the accompanying panic/anxiety attacks
the kids all behaved and let me finish the quilt in time for the show
I have a nice FINISHED quilt
my SS present took a long time, but really cheered me up

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Libby said...

Love your quilt . . . scrappy quilts are just the best *s* Thanks for playing my little ironing board game.