Wednesday, March 19, 2008

back from no-sew......


This will be a picture heavy post....if Blogger plays nice!

First....cast your mind back to when I made the quilt for the Berwick Show. I was originally going to enter this one too. Fresh is the Bloom by Jennie Osborne (Country Threads, Vol. 6 # 6 and 7) Part of the pattern was missing from the magazines. By the time I got the missing pattern pieces from the designer, the show was over. This is the top, without borders.

Next is a progress picture on "Insanity" I have completed the top row, now to finish building the centre (158 lozenge shapes) and get 'in the zone' for borders.......MANY plain hexagons....

Figured out that I can get 9 hexagons from a 4 inch charm square, so I will be on the look-out for swaps etc.

And two of my tribe had birthday parties to go to last weekend.

The first was Master 4. His friend is 'into' Scooby Doo. I used Google, found a picture, enlarged it, and appliqued the cushion cover. I was also able to play with my free-motion foot and do a little embroidery detail.

Miss 10 went to a party too. Her best-friend-at-the-moment LOVES skulls. Again with the Google for a picture....this cushion cover is straight satin stitch applique.

I thnk that both of these projects turned out pretty well.....seeing as I was up past 2 am to finish them!!....I think most mums can relate to that. LOL
...and hubby had no idea that I knew how to make cushion covers like these!! Neither did I really, until I tried.
If you are wondering........I sewedVelcro into the back closure, I cannot fathom buttonholes :>(
parties went well, presents seemed to be appreciated
I'm getting to know my sewing machine better
also stretching my boundaries with free-motion embroidery
the Insanity quilt piece is growing
having Blogger accept my third attempt at this post


Debbie said...

I just LOVE the Fresh is the Bloom quilt - it just looks fabulous!! ^debbie^

Kucki68 said...

I am sure the skull and Scooby were a great hit, they look wonderful! And you are progressing very nicely on the Insane project, good for you!

Guess I need to dig my Grandmother's flowers out, especially if spring keeps resisting as it is now.