Thursday, April 10, 2008

The (In)sanity continues..... like forever since I have posted anything on this blog.

Mostly the same things are happening every week, same dramas, different days.

Any way....the point of THIS post is to show that I am getting right along with the "Insanity" quilt

I had a small hiccup with the top border. I was following the diagram in the magazine, and the hexagon flowers weren't lining up like they did on the cover photo.


I rang the designer, and it turns out that the drawn diagram is WRONG!!

THEN.....I rang the magazine, and had to wait for the appropriate person to ring me back.

I can't remember the name of the woman I spoke to, but the correct diagram will (hopefully) be in Volume 17, issue 1 of AP&Q.

After all the discussion, I had to remover the whole top border of hexagon flowers, re-space them, and then sew them back into place.

There was no mention on the part of the magazine to try and compensate me for their error, or MY time in fixing it......but I WAS the first person to bring it to their attention.

And for some better news

Four inch charm squares on the left, and five inch charm squares on the right. Enough to add 100 centre losenges to my quilt,or 100 hex flowers, or a combination of both!

A four inch charm square gives me 9 hexagons.

A five inch square will give me 16 hexagons

I am trying to add 25 pieces to this quilt each day. My friend Lissa was kind enough to point out that it would take me 480 days total to piece the top!!

I think that I will keep a little noetbook for a while to see how many pieces I DO add each day.


Friends who do the math for you
Charm squares in very useful sizes
School is back!
a husband who encourages my piecing efforts
Quilty friends